Sunday, August 16, 2015

The hidden Hearthstone

It times of old the heart of a home was its Fire pit or Fireplace.

Light at night, warmth, cooking of food and where all gathered round in safety warmth and good cheer.

And like the heart is the center of love, the hearthstone upon which the fire is build was the center of the home's heart also.

Also often long after the walls have fallen and the home's owners long dust, the hearthstone is all that remains to mark.

Yes we were there and fire was in our heart's and home.

It has been said when the persecutions of the old faiths came and the Burning Times.

Long after Rome had ground the Druid's into legion's dust.

It was unsafe for the wise to meet in home grove or public place.

And we had to find hidden a new nemetonic place to meet deep in the dark of night.

Or well hidden from village eyes in our Ladies bright moon light.

So a old and perhaps sacred hearthstone was taken from its home, out in dark of night.

And slightly buried at the center of our new secret sacred and hidden place to meet.

All would come from round about ways, no worn path in these dark days.

Some would bring a war broom along, to sweep away the dirt and cover of the hidden hearthstone and recover when sabbet was done. 

And yes in these times owning weapons was for most a crime of death. 

No longer was iron sword part of peasant's dress. 

Only Church or King's men had iron, shield and branded vest.

But broom was always close at had and if the shank extended close to the end of the broom straw, sharp and fire harden.

Had the right witches herbs and oils rubbed in a deep cut grove.

Well lets just say it could sweep out the life of prying eyes, should times be that dangerous.

Or send one home in a drunken like stupor mumbling like a Fairy touched madman.

And yes there are lessons for us all from the hidden Hearthstone in this ever more dangerous and hate filled times we too live in.

Yes you may ask how do we know its true.

We were there first as Druids and then later Witches too.

For in our souls the Oak has always run true.

TDK / The Druid King

Copyright George King 08-15-2015

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